Digital Marketing – 2 Words ? Dotifi & Tweeterest Digital 3 Words Actually ! Lets

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There are many other social media platforms besides Twitter and Facebook. Determining the ideal platform where you can reach and connect with your potential customers is the real deal.


the maximum number of friends you have on facebook can only be 5000 . out of this less than 50 check your profile daily ! this is also true about instagram twitter tiktok and others


This is Where we @ TWEETEREST DIGITAL come in

with over 500,000 Users on Facebook that recieve our daily posts from our social media blog network  of over 10,000 Nigerian Oriented Websites you increase your exposure daily !  with our one word search engine  pronounced ojo ojo o ! you get users searching for your goods and services on our social media network !

go to   for mobile devices  android or iPhones.  Go to  for desktop or laptops  and post a free advert of your goods or services
or call sms whatsapp 2348064950565

Take your brand to the people who are specifically looking for what you offer with our targeted campaigns.

this advert on begins your goods and services journey online !  it goes automatically to our Mother blog  aka and spreads even faster than the coronovirus to facebook instagram

etc so that when you search for  your product on these Social media sites Boom ! there it is !
A greatly designed website is certainly the most important requisite for a business owner, who enters into the online business world and wants to offer 100% satisfaction to his customers.
and did we say you also get a free website on !  yes we did ! we just did  with a free woocommerce store  on !
What you can do with Facebook Advertisements?
You can generate clicks to your website and website conversion by targeting perfect customers by demographics.
You can build your email list with qualified subscribers.
You can target your local market and your competitors’ followers.
You can target people who have already visited your website.
You can advertise about your new offer, event, etc. to more people.
You can place your brand directly in front of a very specific group of people.
You can use conversion pixel to track visitors to your website and conversion.   start there !   domain name hosting and website !
and its free to Start !


FOR ADVERT CALL WHATSAPP 234 806 495 0565 !



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